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ages 10+
3-12 players
30 min
StatYou is a creative party game for 3 to 12 players in which players take turns playing the sculptor. As the sculptor, you portray a given combination of cards by using another player as a statue and putting them in the perfect pose. Then it is up to the rest of the group to guess the answer. StatYou is a game that you can play on the couch with a large group. It takes no time to learn and is sure to bring a ton of hilarity!


ages 18+
3-12 players
30 min
Does your humour know no bounds? Imagine a pole-dancing dictator or keelhauled metalhead. Does a sneaky smile appear on your face? Then expand the StatYou base game with these Rude Deck cards and bring out the laughing sadist in you! This expansion requires the StatYou base game to play.


ages 8+
2-4 players
20 min
Oh, Fox! has players assume the roles of animals of the forest, each with their own unique ability. Forest animals are gathering food while being hunted by the predator. Over 8 turns, players move across the board by simultaneously playing one face-up movement card each turn. However, their figurines don’t actually move until the end of the game! So who is whom, and where are they? Can you hide your identity and figure out where the others are, before it is too late?