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About us

We are Cinnamon Games, a dedicated team of four family members from The Netherlands. A boardgame publisher that dedicates its name to cinnamon buns has to have good taste, right? Because who doesn’t love cinnamon buns? Well, one of us actually doesn’t, but let’s not let that spoil the fun.

They say there’s no disputing about taste. And that’s probably true. But who wants to taste the same thing over and over again? Innovative board game concepts are what we stand for, because we believe that this is what board game enthusiasts are truly looking for: a new game. Not the same old gameplay with a different look. See, you can add sprinkles or chocolate glaze to a cinnamon bun and yes, it might twist your taste buds a little, but it will still be a cinnamon bun. And you can trade goods in the mediterranean, in the wild west or on the moon, but do these games really capture the unique feel of the world they are set in, or are they largely the same?

It’s our mission to create truly refreshing games with immersive mechanics that fit the theme. From accessible party games to challenging strategy games, it’s all about something that you haven’t tasted before while still providing an elegant course of play. That is what we feel is the best recipe for a good board game and is what we aim for with every game we publish. We hope you will love playing our games as much as we did creating them.